Polarised sunglasses vs Non-polarised sunglasses

Sports Style Polarized Sunglasses

Sports Style Polarized Sunglasses

Polarised sunglasses were originally very popular among fisherman and other people who roam the sea. This is due to the fact that these individuals need to diminish the glare from water that is around them. But fisherman and boaters arent the only ones who can use them, regular people like you and I can also wear polarised sunglasses.

Edwin H. Land first introduced them in 1936. Land began experimenting with creating lenses with his Polaroid filter. Polarised lenses have a unique filter that blocks an intense reflected light that is able to reduce glare. Non - polarised sunglasses dont reduce much glare. When you are viewing something that is very bright, non - polarised lenses cant diminish the beam it produces. Also, non - polarised sunglasses permeate all light in spite of it being horizontal or vertical. This can reduce glare to some extent, but wont completely eliminate it.

Polarised sunglasses are very beneficial to your health. They are essential for water - sports.

  • The special material of which polarised lenses are made up of, give water - sports players clear vision and can even improve it while they are around the water. Without polarised sunglasses the water becomes virtually impossible to see.
  • They have the ability to reduce eye strain. Polarised lenses allow your eyes to see objects without causing any pain or irritation to your pupils, which can certainly be a detriment to your health; polarised lenses take care of that problem for you.

Non - polarised sunglasses dont offer much clarity, but can be very protective against UV rays and other types of things that can damage your vision.

Both polarised sunglasses and non - polarised sunglasses can be of great use to anyone. If youre somebody who needs more clarity for your vision, then I would consider purchasing Polarised sunglasses. Non - polarised lenses are better suited for people who need protection from the direct beam of sunlight and other forms of radiation. In the end both of these products are fantastic, they are proven and have been major assets to users worldwide.


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